Mark Bush is a graduate of the Columbus College of Art and Design. He majored in Fine Arts with an emphasis in representational painting and drawing. His current artistic endeavors explore modern portrait painting with a focus in hyperrealism.

   Mark has received numerous scholarships and awards from Ohio and across the country. After placing 2nd in a painting contest for the National Society of Arts and Letters, Mark was featured in the Fall 2007 edition of American Artist Watercolor magazine as an emerging artist.

   One of Mark’s portraits, "Daniel," was accepted into the National Portrait Gallery’s BP Portrait Award Show in London in 2011. Considered to be the most prestigious international portrait exhibition, it was a major milestone in Mark's career. 

   In 2014, Mark exhibited his painting "The Poet" in the popular ArtPrize event in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Also in 2014, two of his paintings, "A Swan Among Crows" and "The Burden," were chosen for the Contemporary Realism Biennial in Fort Wayne, Indiana. "A Swan Among Crows" was awarded a Juror's Merit Award and was purchased by the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.

   Mark is represented by Hammond Harkins Gallery in Columbus, Ohio.



Artist Statement


     As I continue to explore portraiture I am beginning to understand the importance of the image. From the first impression, whether it be striking or inviting, to later contemplation, the image itself becomes one captured moment used to communicate a whole story. I have recently been captivated by the portrait photography of Richard Avedon. His emphasis on texture records the reality of his model in almost unflattering detail. Relying on the unbiased eye of the camera, I also utilize the textures in my portraits to depict human truths like age, imperfection, and vulnerability. I focus on light as it falls on these surfaces to further convey the mood and tone of the stories I am telling.